How to get rid of papillomas at home and not harm your own health?

Papillomas appear on human skin as small oval neoplasms, which, although benign, still require timely treatment.

This is due to the fact that prolonged uncontrolled growth and spread of hyperplasia of epidermal structures can lead to malignant degeneration of skin growths and the formation of precancerous and oncological conditions.

The cause of the formation of papillomas and warts on the human body is exclusively viral in nature and is associated with infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV), which has more than 100 varieties. Not only the location and size of the tumor, but also the risk of oncogenicity of the skin growth will depend on the HPV subtype. Activation of atypical cell growth can be triggered by a sharp decrease in immunity, hormonal changes, or factors of stress and fatigue. A healthy person with a fully functioning immune system may not observe the formation and growth of papillomas, even if he is a carrier of a viral agent.

How to treat papillomas at home?

Due to the prevalence and relevance of the problem, many patients are wondering how to remove papilloma at home, without risk to health. This issue requires a rational and responsible approach, since numerous medications and folk remedies have many contraindications and are not always 100% effective.

If you nevertheless decide to treat papilloma at home, it is first recommended to consult with a doctor, who will not only make a final diagnosis, eliminating the possibility of confusing the skin defect with another disease, but will also recommend the optimal method of home correction.

There are two main areas of recommendations that allow you to remove papilloma at home:

  • Drug correction of tumors using pharmaceutical products;
  • Treatment of papilloma virus with folk remedies.

We will try to analyze the main aspects of both methods, as well as determine the best hardware method for treating papillomas and warts.

Getting rid of papillomas at home using medications

The modern pharmacy industry offers patients a lot of compounds that show some effectiveness in the matter of self-rejection of papillomas and warts. The most popular are substances that in medicine are called cryopharms, which provide rapid freezing of the skin defect, leading to its painless separation from the epidermal tissue. Such compositions should be used to remove papillomas at home with extreme caution, without affecting healthy tissues and skin structures.

As a convenient form of the drug for the destruction of epidermal tumors, special patches (adhesive tapes) are produced that are impregnated with certain compounds. Such "stickers" are applied to a wart or papilloma and are removed after three hours along with the skin growth. Ointments and gels can also have a certain effect, but the probability of finally getting rid of papillomas at home with the help of pharmaceutical products is no more than 50%.

Treatment of warts and papillomas with folk remedies

Traditional medicine offers a lot of recipes that are time-tested and also have certain antiviral and destructive activity. When choosing a folk remedy for papillomas, you should pay attention to the following compositions:

treatment of papillomas with traditional methods
  • Potato juice.By drinking 100-200 grams of fresh potato juice every morning, the patient strengthens the immune system and improves overall health, which will help not only get rid of already formed papillomas, but also prevent the appearance of new growths.
  • Celandine for papillomas.The product is based on the chemical destruction of the neoplasm with acid, which celandine juice is rich in. For the procedure, in addition to juice, you can use leaves or an infusion of this plant, purchased at a pharmacy. The manipulation involves the targeted application of celandine products to the epidermal defect every two days, which leads to rejection of the neoplasm. When treating papillomas with celandine, precautions should be taken so as not to apply the product to healthy tissue.
  • Treatment of papillomas with iodine.About 3 grams of iodine are mixed with an equal amount of aspirin and boric acid and diluted with alcohol. Regular application of this composition to papilloma will lead to its elimination. Folk remedies for warts and papillomas based on iodine cannot be used in the eyelid area, as well as on the mucous membranes.
  • Treatment of papillomas with garlic.The technique involves daily applying a cut of a clove of garlic to the site of the epidermal growth. Regular manipulations of this kind promise to save the patient from papillomas of any location, especially in the arm area.
  • Treatment of papillomas with wormwood.Treatment of papillomas with folk remedies based on wormwood is aimed, rather, at strengthening the general condition of the body and, in particular, the immune system. A decoction of wormwood, tricolor violet and dill seeds is a wonderful general strengthening and immunostimulating agent.

Before choosing a folk recipe for yourself, you should understand that it is impossible to carry out a complete and definitive treatment of the human papillomavirus with folk remedies and all the above-described compositions may not be effective for a particular patient.

Modern medicine offers a universal, safe and painless way to remove papillomas, which is based on laser exposure. Laser therapy is widely used both in our country and in European clinics, allowing you to remove papilloma once and for all, without leaving scars on the skin.

The medical center’s specialists are experienced professionals who guarantee quick and effective removal of warts and papillomas for patients using a modern laser device.